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Need to use cheaper GPT API model


GSA SER is really phenomenal. I am using the openai APi to create my articles. There are newer and cheaper models to create the articles. 

The cheapest available right now on GSA SER is gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613. It is at least 4 times more costly than GPT-3.5-turbo-0125 by example.

If we can have the articles at cheapest price we will not even need to spin them. I would be thrilled if you make this happened.

See here:


  • I'm not understanding how the cheapest model is 4x more costly than another?

    Are you asking Sven to make option to be able to switch the LLM for on option here for different pricing/quality of articles with open AI in SER?

    It's already pretty cheap and some models have a cap on tokens used per call.

    I mean I created 10, 1500 word articles and it was like .05 cents, That's pretty much free considering a "well researched and human written article" from a service optimized for keyword over 500 word will easily run you 150.00 from one of those services.

    Months back I left list of all models that were not going to be working anymore so they do change them.

    My experience directly into SER takes some time (expected) and I can't get the custom prompt to work.

    If you want to spent a bit of time you can make your own content using the open AI API, visual studio code, paste in some demo code and edit it. Pretty easy I can grab commercial keywords from a seed keyword from adwords and get open AI to spit me out an article with headings related and emojis pretty easily on that keyword.

    I also like to fish in my free time, I put in "fishing lures" and select keyword like "trout fishing secrets" and I get a very nice piece of content that is very accurate and even a good refresher for someone who actually trout fishes.

    What are you needing help with exactly? Or just want feature to change the models for price and quality reasons?

    Last I had gpt-4 making articles and it was super cheap, Dall-E 3 for images and Dalle-2 for edits. I'm going to have to go double check now. Maybe things have changed more?

    I have not opened up project for like a month
  • SvenSven
    @TheDoc you can edit the file openai.ini and these models. I will do that for next update as well.
  • That's true to I guess you could open the .ini file find the model and change to what you would like and it should work.

    Does the custom prompt work for you guys? 

    I have tried a few times and nothing happens on my end?

    Check none the use custom prompt and add instructions, just nothing happens.

    It works for my command line tool, just not SER for some reason.
  • TheDocTheDoc Canada

    "I appreciate. Are you asking Sven to make option to be able to switch the LLM for on option here for different pricing/quality of articles with open AI in SER?". This is exactly what i was asking because there are cheaper options into GPT. 

    I am making over 500 articles per projects with Chat Gpt and I prefer to not use spintax. 

    Thanks for your answer. You are always here to help us. I appreciate. 
  • TheDocTheDoc Canada
    edited March 28
    @Sven was just waiting for the next update. An update has come today but the option for cheaper openai Api was not in!
  • TheDocTheDoc Canada
    Regarding update: do I have to stop the projects to update GSA SER? Or can I proceed while they are running?
  • SvenSven
    You need to stop project, install update and then you should see the different models.
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