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problems when submitting articles


After this latest update, GSA has some problems when submitting articles and importing content from SEO Content Machine.

I believe there is a problem when importing, I don't believe it is something related to the SCM content.

I sent some bug reports about the error and took a screenshot.


  • AllanAllan
    I just saw that any edit in the campaigns, the error appears.
  • AllanAllan
    I noticed that without doing anything, GSA turned off, this error window continues to open.

    I am doing other tasks before pressing Start on the GSA, and this error message continues to appear.
  • AllanAllan
    With the GSA stopped, it is consuming almost 4 GB of memory.

  • AllanAllan
    I edited many campaigns to activate campaigns little by little.

    I restarted GSA and when checking the campaigns that I had previously changed, GSA did not save any settings I made in the campaigns.  :'(

    I lost all work, it seems that it is not saving the information I am editing.
  • What, Ive never seen it close to 4gb even with browsers going. Are you using serlib and many browsers?

    Though the 1 thread SER 1 thread browser doesnt always work even in test scripting. Wont shut down the pages your done with.  Should be something like if registration successful then broswer.close which thought was implemented but still have all these orphan type pages just open.

    Ive lost work before a few times on edit project. Sometimes the way it opens the "ok" button is hidden behind the task bar. So I hit "X" to close window and instead of it saying something like "are you sure unsaved work may be deleted" or something similar it just closes down and deletes work in projects. I get in habit of double clicking the Gui to open fully to see all buttons now.

    Still I understand your frustration. I have lost project after adding openai content and many images from dall-e which I had to host after creating, changing filenames and add to SER.

    Im not sure what it is either but the new error box I did see, before that I was getting a total different error box frequently but not for normal use. Something with scripting which all got locked up for me. My personal script are encrypted.

    How about NO encrypted scripts allowed inside GSA and just avoid the issue/error all together?

    Seems like a lot of issues to hide some simple commands most cant use with service anyways. I don't see point?

    You lost all you projects though not just one?

    I keep getting some false serlib update as well, anyone else get this. Happened 5-7 times last few weeks!
  • SvenSven
    @Allan can you send me the project backup or let me have access to the system?
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