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Bugs. Money Robot

Hello. I regret to inform you that the “Scroll art from folders” button does not work in the project. From the articles folder, only one article file is used, the rest of the article files remain untouched. We have a very big request to ask of you. Make this button work. And for posting on blogs, articles were taken randomly from all files. The developer doesn't want to answer



  • This seems Money Robot related which is not a GSA product.

    I thought that button looked semi familiar.

    I wouldn't expect much help from them at Money Robot. 

    The Facebook Group is rigged and dead.

    I recently, tried testing and said post these few articles, and YUP same issue it just went around and posted everything tanking a test site from ranking to spot 23 for brand name.

    Not to mention the traffic module adds MoneyRobotTraffic.exe which you can see in awstats, SUPER Sketchy!

    Plus, all none working sites are not removed and fake updates come through!

    Nothing you can do about that except maybe create ready made articles to be added and hope MR uses your settings.

    Maybe my suggestion to start new thread was not great advice as I thought maybe you were talking bout a GSA software like the content generator and having issues.

    Maye delete as it's not related here. 

    Maybe skype MR guy or something?

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  • Why use Money Robot when you have full control on GSA SER ?
  • Why use Money Robot when you have full control on GSA SER ?
    that's another question
  • KushphktKushphkt TMobile
    Why use Money Robot when you have full control on GSA SER ?
    that's another question
    I am also asking same question. Why are you really trying to using a tool which comes with Zero update and to get links from their shitee pbns network. I am aware there are few indexed root domain blogs. but you can easily done way more with gsa or if you want web 2.0s along with gsa and ranker x. 

    I really wanna know what made you to use that garbage from Nick. Nick blacklisted me years ago from his group after revealing the truth to his newbie students.

    Instead I would suggest you to invest more optimize gsa like proxies, link lists, captchas etc or just save money for your stash. May be you need to come to Krabi and spend some time on beach 

  • The fact is that this software was purchased by me.  And I want it to work properly.  I feel sorry for the money I spent
  • Maybe just get over it and stop wasting time, a small mistake can ruin a good SEO campaign.

    Tank a business quick!

    MR seems to not been stable enough for my trust and ripe for ignoring your settings :#

    Does that MR AUTOMATE ANYTHING BROWSER even work yet after all these years and updates? 

    I really hope that either the page stops taking money from newbies or the fixes/add working features to the software, hopefully fixed for the sake of anyone who paid for lifetime license or gave 67$ before it was to late.

    I do understand your frustration but if its not a GSA tool and you post about issues here some users may be thinking your talking about GSA software. 

    Not really fair to GSA ya know? If its not related. . .

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