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Looking for someone to teach me GSA

meikedejong38meikedejong38 Netherlands
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Hello I am seeking someone from the GSA community to help me setup the GSA contact us product I am happy to pay for your time please reach out to me or WhatsApp link
 many thanks...


  • Hello I'm looking for someone who can teach GSA and I'm willing to pay the person ok

    Never ever do that my friend. You can learn yourself by gsa forum here and blackhatworld. Some docs are too old.. but same UI with bit changes so you can easily learn. Just give few months and you will get used to it.
  • meikedejong38meikedejong38 Netherlands
    How can i start now ?
  • meikedejong38meikedejong38 Netherlands
    I thinking i was need a mentor who can help me set it up 
  • @meikedejong38 Your asking for help for "GSA Contact" but you tagged post with every other product? 

    Which GSA product are you looking for help with exactly?

    gatza375 if you are going to quote someone should use what they actually said :/

    Maybe, original post was erased? IDK

    I'm going to have to friendly disagree there, with "never do that my friend" referring to paying a mentor for there time to jump you ahead versus trying to do it yourself if no previous knowledge it will be impossible to see any success for majority of people.

    Especially reading BHW threads. . . it mostly BS from service providers or people attempting to be service providers.

    With a few keyword research tutorials sprinkled in with a few other helpful posts.

    A couple of hours or more even of someone showing you the things people are not sharing openly and how they use software and run there business (if they have one - one that makes money using the software - not from selling courses)

    Well this is going to be the fastest way to start the quickest provided you have actually hired an expert for a Mentor who is willing to share and practices what they preach.

    I know today good honest mentors like mentioned above are very, very hard to find but it is possible.

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