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  • Don't see it making a difference for anything that isn't SUPER SPAMMY.

    No one hear is doing that.

    Nothing new...

    Usually, I feel this is more to deter people away from SEO with fake press when they don't have a solution.

    Unless you are creating super shitty content or on unrelated old domains, Id think no need to worry.

    If your using Wordpress and some SEO pluggin and have your on-page good and the content is indeed helpful, why worry?

    On the other hand, has anyone seen any dip in rankings to any of there projects or compared on any 301's drop in correlation with any recent updates?

    I have not, yet. Or ever got a manual penalty. Not once!

    I would expect some fluctuations in the Serps, but that's pretty normal to if you look at any past updates and compare with a service that compares serp rankings and in different niches. There's more than a few choose from and historical rankings to view.

    In USA at least "G"'s headquaters, I don't watch the news but seems people are pretty pissed off at results of generative AI search in general which was suppossed to kill SEO to :D

    To me this is just an admission that churn and burn may still working and gets me more interested in topic ;)

    And since content in being created at 10000000x the speed it just that much more for them to crawl through and resources for them to use, probably have to hire a few more departments just to help crawl content. More people to manually check results, more, more, more, more.

    I wonder what ranking metric they would be forced to default to in this scenario?

    Interesting :)

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Well it seems they are on the warpath with mass deindexing AI sites lol

    I've noticed the deindexing of pages since mid january on a handful of my money sites. But replacing/updating the content seems to be working and getting the pages back in the index.

    I was concerned about my PBN network which is still relatively new and powered solely with chatgpt 3.5. So far so good. Not a single post or PBN deindexed yet. Good job Google! lol

    But the SERPS is just social media sites on page 1/2. so seems it's a great time to start tapping into it. Reddit and linkedin are just ranking everywhere for everything, so good time to be using those as parasites. I can almost sense a huge influx of spam posts on these 2 sites alone from marketers once they realise how easy they are to rank.

    I've been checking Google search console everyday expecting to see some manual actions/penalties for my usage of AI, but so far nothing. Anyone recieved any manual action notices?
  • I have not but I'm not rapidly posting AI content to sites, or using unrelated domains to repurpose.

    Maybe, just the obvious spammy ones, get hit?

    I mean lots of writers "rephrase" there writing with AI and its built into a lot of tools even Grammerly.

    Ive seen videos where humans couldnt tell difference between AI and Human written and actually the AI version was more accurate in some cases.
    I guess it depending on AI prompts use to create content as you could just built a Gpt for creating blog posts and give super specific prompts about the structure, the keywords, links to use, etc
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I've been watching videos on you tube to see what some of these influencers have to say. Quite a few of them have been public about their use of AI for auto blogging and it seems they have had their sites hit with drops in rank, deindexing and manual action penalties. lol

    Seems google have specifically targetted the sites of these influencers to make a public example of them.

    My PBNs should be fine as I don't use expired domains - always start with brand new domains. It's the chatgpt content I was worried about, but like you said, it depends on the prompts you use and the list of commands you can give to chatgpt are endless.
  • Yeah, I agree. Its probably some publicity stunt, but if your posting your stuff on Youtube about how your trying to game Google it's bigger brother well you are just asking for trouble.

    Like buying "PBN" links that are being sold everywhere. They just dont tell you the "P" in there PBN stands for PUBLIC defeating the whole purpose of PRIVATE :D

    They will deindex some for sure publicly in hopes people start going round repeating how X doesnt work anymore, but for me thats more of an admission that's it a problem for them they have no solution to.

    Maybe start looking at newly register sites with 500 posts in 30 days and hit some algo trap or something.

    Just have to adjust posting speed I that case.

    Another huge mistake I see people doing is using chatgpt dalle and just uploading the image. The default image says generated by AI and with the prompt in filename.

    Those fast growing sites with those type images are rip for uncovering some shady automation easy.

    On the other hand you can tell Dall-e to create you a bunch of images for "conversion rate optimization" and you may find some pretty good keywords in the image labels you wouldnt find elsewhere. So an image creator that finds hidden keywords. Try it out
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