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How to solve this captcha

Hey, everybody.
Can you tell me how to solve this captcha? Something GSA Captcha braker does not know how to solve it.


  • SvenSven
    can you collect like 50+ samples with correct answer?
  • OleksandrOleksandr Ukraine
    Yes, of course, in what format to do it and send it to you?
    Maybe somehow collect photos of unsolved captchas of this format and create a hash of each picture, and then the answer is correct.....
    in CSV, txt, or other?
    Tell me how - I will make a table with a script.

    By the way, I wanted to know more, there are a lot of AI databases in the accesses, just need to take an adequate and properly trained one, which will connect to the captcha breaker and solve captchas... is this foreseen in the future?
  • CB won't really solve these currently but I think I have like 500 of these in a file somewhere with solvemedias.

    I can look, I tried with newer solve medias and some samples to bruteforce one and no luck.

    It seemed to get super close though, then bunch between weird stuff like iiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiji
  • @Sven, here is 77 squiggly dark black number Captchas labeled with correct answer in .zip file attached.

  • If it's helpful here are 222 Solvemedia in .zip with labeled answers attached.

    Maybe want to delete after downloading or X amount of time in case a few users would like to use sample lists?

  • SvenSven
    that number captcha is added as kcaptcha b/w but only for PNG...I will modify it to also accept JPG.
  • OleksandrOleksandr Ukraine
    Sven said:
    that number captcha is added as kcaptcha b/w but only for PNG...I will modify it to also accept JPG.
    ooo,  good)) I see Only JPG
    and It's been a while since they updated the Captcha Breaker.

  • daviddig1daviddig1 San Antonio, TX
    edited June 21
    @Oleksandr did you try the built-in SDK tool?  That almost always helps me solve all sorts of captchas

    Select all those captcha images and then right click on your mouse and then select "create new"

    From there it'll automatically try to find more captcha images if available, after which it'll let you fill out the correct answer for each.

    After that click on "brute force" at the bottom left of the dialogue box and then choose "thread brute force"

    In the popup box select "try to find alternative filters" and then click ok

    From here the captcha breaker will figure out the best way to solve those captchas (with captchas that look like that I tend to get 50/50 correct)
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