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Services by (advertised here by @seohub ) have been reported to me as scam by @McSoldier . He even wants to sue GSA now as we have a link to them in GSA Search Engine Ranker.
Kind of crazy if you ask me, but if others report similar things, I will of course remove it.
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  • I never heard of them, how "Sound" can they be :D, but advertised "user not found" and "complainer" seems to have signed up today?

    Sketchy... I Agree!

    Yes, time to take out the trash in general!

  • SvenSven
    We got into a fight by email yesterday. Even though he might had a point here about this service being advertised in GSA products and turned into a scam now (I have heard the first time about this and will probably remove them from next update anyway), I find it quite strange to blame us now for this and suing us. I have refunded his licenses instead, deactivated them (he use it anyway on two systems at a time) and thats it for me.

    Still Im interested about feedback for this service used maybe by others? Is this any good anymore?
    Btw, that guy waited 1 day for a reply and got nothing from (indeed a strange name). Not something I would go wild in times like these where you happily wait a week to get a reply.
  • Yes Agree, but a service that another user and/or some users my have suggested for SER in the past, so it's a "customer based" list in GSA, not necessarily a GSA service. . . GSA recommends GSA products which is very clear in UI.

    This is not GSA's fault or control if some service stops providing honestly.

    All you can do is use feedback if provided and if found out to be true and bad, simply remove from customer suggested list (sort of like in docs if users would like to read)

    This is why recent feedback about these types of services is important.

    As a community it's up to us to fix this...

    Think while some people are crying about a decent service over some little caveat, some people get ripped of badly and don't say anything in fear of looking like they are easy target to be ripped off or (denial)?

    While a guy who signed up that day and make a claim against someone is a little suspect, waiting 1 day for a reply only is not long enough. Yes, we have tech to do this more easier/faster, but not everyone adopts certain technologies.

    For example, after visiting site, I see a place that looks like if your a user you get a dashboard so maybe there are different contact methods in there?

    I see only email message. .. "Drop us a line, or two.
    We read and reply to EVERY email!"

    The website looks kinda legit while pricing seems low. This is normal as "starting" pricing like Fiverr I assume.

    Though, I don't know why they would be selling article packs for Ultimate Demon or FCS Networker today?

    For me, seeing that, I would steer clear!

    I would think that if they are offering quality complete "content packs" for SER in 5 minutes , well I can't do that with AI and level of quality I need. And that's using self made scripts to speed up the process, so that's bit questionable.

    If details like that are on the HOMEPAGE, I would assume service is longer relevant.

    What do y'all Think? :/

  • Sven said:
    Services by (advertised here by @seohub ) have been reported to me as scam by @McSoldier . He even wants to sue GSA now as we have a link to them in GSA Search Engine Ranker.
    Kind of crazy if you ask me, but if others report similar things, I will of course remove it.
    Hi Sven,

    I've never used it, so can't comment if the service had been active and working.

    Small checks on and BHW show that there has been no activity on neither the website nor in the forum recently.

    It's $5 - I wonder which lawyer and court would ever take this up ...

    Complaints even for freebies seem to be on the raise.
  • SvenSven
    Yes, he totally over reacted, maybe I did as well, but I have to draw a line somehow.
    Thanks for your opinion on this!
  • I don't think you have over reacted at all. It's pointless to discuss with time wasters and apparently cheaters, using the licenses on multiple machines. And if he is really so dumb to sue GSA, you can pass good karma to a young lawyer :)

    Let's see about the service itself. Maybe the vendor gets triggered by this thread and the recent implementation of zdlic.
  • seohubseohub
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    Hi All,

    I'm @seohub and I run The site and services has been around since 2017 offering GSA SER data packs. It's the only one to my knowledge where you can get a complete GSA SER project file built automatically within 10 minutes. All other providers build these manually, which is why our costs are low as. We've built the services to be ALL fully automated as marketers are busy and don't want to wait hours or days to get data. There many benefits to automation to list here. I've been in this industry for over 15 years and it's something I always craved for.

    We've had sales pages in BHW and here to evidence how long we've been around. Some below:

    I was not aware of this thread, hence the late posting. Apologies for missing this as I've been busy with other projects.

    I believe I recognise the user who threatened to sue Sven as the issue eventually was brought to my attention and resolved. I believe that user had issues using GSA SER software, ordered some services from us at SoundSEO and had issue working with that as well. He received full refund from us when complained and the matter was closed.

    Although our Terms of Service states no refund, due to nature of the service, we ALWAYS refund anyone who is not happy with the service as long as it's reported asap and weeks/months later via support ticket. Due to how low our prices are, we don't feel arguing with customers is worth the energy. They either want the service or they don't. We need to keep everyone happy.

    Every user on our system gets access automatic access to raise a support ticket within their dashboard. This ensures the issue is tracked and responded to. Unfortunately, when user voice their issues elsewhere we don't get details of the issue or a chance to respond.

    I would like to ask those that didn't user our service to refrain from commenting or making assumptions. They are simply inappropriate if there has been no experience using our service.

    If you want to try the service and don't want to spend any money, ping me I'll be happy to share a coupon.

    I hope this clarifies a few things. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks all!

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