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How to integrate GSA Captcha Breaker with RankerX?

I am using RankerX and i am following the tutorial below we got from this forum to integrate  Gsa Captcha Breaker. The problem is: there is no Decaptcher options whether in Csa CB or RankerX.

Is there a solution to make this to work? Please help.

Tutorial taken from this forum:

  1. Go to RankerX Options
  2. Open Captcha Tab
  3. Choose Decaptcher as your primary Captcha Service.....


  • Its not testing correctly or something?
  • What captchas/sites you trying to solve use CB for Ranker X?
  • Captcha Breaker

    1. Open Captcha Breaker options
    2. Select Simulate Decaptcher (select Decaptcher only)
    3. Select Run as Web Server with port 80
    4. Add a captcha service, we recommend 2captcha since there will be a lot more complicated captchas that Captcha Breaker can not solve.

    Attention: Please extra check that firewall on your system and/or VPS is not blocking certain ports!

  • TheDocTheDoc Canada

    The problem is that I cannot see "Decaptcher" as an option on the list. We have De-captcha, Death by captcha but no decaptcher. Has the service been renamed? Has it became "Death by Captcha"? Or is there another way to make the connection?
  • have you tried de-captcha?

    What kinds of captchas you trying to solve?
  • TheDocTheDoc Canada
    @backlinkaddict I came to the conclusion there is no solution to this and we must use or It seems decaptcher does not exist anymore. The 2 Seo tools are no longer connected. 

    I will use GSA Captcha Breaker when I will use Gsa for Tier 2 and 3.

    Thanks as always for your support!
  • NP!

    I think you want to use 2captcha for those sites likely RC and others anyways.

  • SvenSven
    @TheDoc all I can offer is having a look on your system to analyse this since I never owned RankerX.
    Thanked by 1TheDoc
  • TheDocTheDoc Canada
    @Sven a big thanks for helping us with this matter. Now GSA Captcha Breaker is fully integrated with RankerX and working smoothly saving us so many dollars a day!
    Really thank you!
  • SvenSven
    Your welcome. Also for others, I have updated the manuals here:
    Thanked by 1backlinkaddict
  • The updated manuals are looking good!
  • SvenSven
    @TheDoc is this still working for you? I have been on another customers system and couldn't get it working there with the latest update of RankerX. It is ignoring the host file it seems and not connecting to localhost for the simulated services anymore. It's like they have changed this in their latest update to push there captcha services.
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