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Deleted .new_targets file and the application does not work

I accidentally deleted the "projectname.new_targets" file with data from the "projects" folder. Now when I try to create a new empty file "projectname.new_targets", the program deletes it and does not save anything in it, and when I run the application, the number of threads is 0. 

See the screenshot below.



  • SvenSven
    new_targets are for URLs it should submit to. If you create a file with nothing in it, then it will read it, see there is nothing in and then delete it.
    If you put URLs into it, then it will read them in (1MB from end) proceed that and do this again till the file is empty.
  • Thank you Sven for your answer.

    I have a question about the fact that when I run ranker with this project without the *.new_targets file, the number of threads in the program is at the level of three or four and the whole process works very slowly and no new *.new_targets file is created.
  • SvenSven
    that file is only created if you import new targets. If it is running, it is holding new targets in memory and only saves to disk if the amount grows to big.
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