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Using #file as a way to grab url

veepeeveepee USA
edited February 27 in Need Help
  1. How does GSA handle website calls using the #file[URL] function, particularly with each call?
  2. Is there a built-in preview feature in GSA for post data, or is there an alternative method to preview the output of spintax, URL calls, and macros to ensure uniqueness with each preview?
  3. What are the potential outcomes if the data field in GSA exceeds its maximum capacity, and does GSA provide estimates for the maximum length of various fields?
Thank you very much! 


  • veepeeveepee USA
    edited February 27
    N/A included above
  • SvenSven
    1. You can use almost any of the macros and use an URL instead of a file. You can e.g. use %file- and it will use that output 1:1 wherever you use it.
    It will use that when posting and not cache it.
    2. You have a Preview in project options called "TEST" and "Preview" on the article tab.
    3. It will cut or also extent the output till it matches the given requirements.
  • veepeeveepee USA
    edited February 27
    Thanks @Sven this is great! 
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