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Doubt configuration on gsa.

Hello, I would like to ask if you can help me with the execution of this campaign. Gsa is a quite complex program for me, mainly because the interface is completely in English, and I do not speak this language, I write and read with a translator.

What I plan to do is as follows,
Tier1) For my tier1, I want to create 200 contextual links from unique sites. This is not difficult, I just make sure to have the option not to repost on the same site. Right?.
Tier2) This is what I consider the most complicated and what I can't understand. I want to create 100 links for each link created in tier1, that is, 20000 link in total. I want these 100 links created for each link 1 to be unique domains as well. What settings should I have in GSA to limit to 100 links per link, and to be unique domains?.
Tier3) I plan to do the same as my tier2, 100 links from unique domains, for each link. That is, 200000 links in total.



  • The program is complex for English speakers with some SEO tool and programming knowledge.

    I don't really understand your question, but I think the option for not to repost and [] per URL is maybe what your trying to do?

    The one that says "this is probably useful for tier projects" in the HINT?

    There are no "right" settings from where I see and most peoples will be different anyways.
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