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How Does Search Engine Ranker Deal with Proxies?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Here is my Q:
How does SER deal with proxies?
If I have max 5 threads set and only 2 proxies, will SER establish a second connection to the same proxy for the other three threads?
Some gateway rotating proxies, even static Private Proxies,   permit multiple simultaneous connections via one gateway IP and port. Others only allow one connection at a time.
If I have one proxy and ten threads, will SER attempt to use that one proxy for all ten threads (as specified in Options>>Submissions>>Use Proxy.. ..check-boxes)???
Will SER keep trying to establish increasing numbers of connections with proxies in use if the number of threads exceeds the number of active proxies? How does GSA-SER know when the limit (max # threads) has been reached with each proxy (if SER is, in fact, establishing multiple connections to the same proxy via different thread)s?

This is a big Q I've had for literally years, but always forget to ask by the time i get back on here. Great to finally ask and know more!!  :joy:


  • SvenSven
    a proxy is tested with one thread only. Not with multiple threads on same proxy per test.
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