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What Is the Behavior of the Lock Proxy Function?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
Hi, Sven. Hope all is well. Thank you for implementing this!!
I just wanted to know, not sure if anyone else on your board might know, as this is relatively new.
How does this feature work? "Skip locked proxies in testing" is clear and I have no Q about this part.

What is NOT clear to me: The "Auto disable..on down...proxy" feature...
When checked [X], for Public or Private Proxy list, and there is a Locked Proxy that happens to fail, will the proxy be removed from the Checked list and placed in the Unchecked list? 
From what I'm seeing, the answer seems to be YES.
I've been trying to watch and see but not quite  sure and want to accurately know, and not guess based on what SEEMS to be a connection. Thank you.


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