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SER ProxyList Module Questions: Auto Disable and Remove BAD

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited February 23 in Need Help
Good day to everyone. Hope you are all well.
OK. I have a question. How do I use [ ] Remove BAD when older than [ ] minutes?

Does this setting work in conjunction with Automatically disable proxies if detected as being down?
Or, is it something else entirely. In other words, what qualifies as bad?
Many thanks to anyone with info on this.
(I have always worked under the premise that that this is how this function works, and I just want to be sure  it's not something else entirely.)


  • SvenSven
    Whenever new proxies are checked and tested, the option is used afterwards to remove proxies that have been disabled XYZ minutes ago.
    It makes sense to have a relatively big value here, because if you use use a low one and the proxies are removed fast, it als means that the same proxy might get added again on a next search and tested.
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