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Not used GSA for 10 years - getting back into it - recommended courses?

I haven't used GSA for about 10 years. I'm getting back into using it. Can anyone recommend any good updated course that I can go through to get me set up? I don't want to spend too much time on this - just to go through something that has it all figured out and I'm willing to pay for a good course. Thanks.


  • Unfortunately, some paid courses I've seen don't offer much value to purchaser and there's a lot left out.

    There is a collection of tutorials here:

    As well as docs in the help button in GUI.

    But this would require some invested time on your end.

    SER has gone through many recent updates and working recommended services change, which make some courses advice very outdated anyway.

    Maybe you want to pay someone for there time and help you set everything up according you your specific goals?

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  • Blackhatworld and here is the best. There is nothing new on how tos as it uses same UI. but you may need to read reviews when you purchase services like link lists, proxies, servers etc.

    Still many including myself use gsa to build tiered link building
  • @ariasanto

    Totally agree with ya there!

    I'd just be a little cautious about reviews on BHW. Usually, some service is touted and then some profiles and some of the services buddies will all mention how great it is.

    Best to test yourself, I think, and isolate any variable to test just the one service.

    I am trying to do this testing, but I am only 1 person.

    Lists, proxies, emails, data content matter more and more now then ever!

    There have been some great changes and extra features added and upgraded in SER recently too  :)

    Some will change the GAME for SER users! Thanks @Sven and others!!!!

    I think some of these new services and features do make older tutorials not as helpful/misleading.

    Soon many more engines will be available...

    May want to keep and eye on serlib @AliTab new engines and create your own on any site via simple commands via add-on if thats your thing?

    Also, with the new license manager now expert users will have some incentive to share/sell their own engines so maybe keep an eye on expert scripter @cherub ;)

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  • I just came back after 9/10 years too :) it all feels a lot at first but I'm right back into it thanks to this community and especially @backlinkaddict B)
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  • Anth20 thanks for kind words  :)

    Glad I was able to help improve your experience, get back into the swing of things and have a bit of fun doing so!
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  • I'm back after 6 years too. Trying to rank my instagram now (not by direct linking ofcourse)
  • cezar78 said:
    I'm back after 6 years too. Trying to rank my instagram now (not by direct linking ofcourse)

    Why don't you direct linking insta lol. After all its not own by us so ? i have been directly blasting to my all fb fan pages and it works fine. However i do exactly with youtube but seems youtube don't care.. anyway i am super new with youtube lol
  • I was thinking the same thing, any reason for not direct linking to instagram?

    I see some of facebook/linkedin/reddit/medium/strikingly pages over the main sites on some quiries.

    Im not sure I understand that either?


    If your new here's how I used to do it with instant indexed results and rankings (yes this was years ago)

    Find a few keywords with certain amount of results and find 2 keywords you can add to top off description

    #helpful keyword 1

    #helpful keyword 2

    Create a video about 10-15 minutes long and mention the keywords in the beginning of video.

    Use descriptive keyword related filenames for video and cover image. Everything! rather then 9346856.png or 367386.mp4

    Cover image should be very nice, maybe try "breaking the pattern" so yours stands out.

    Also, when uploading video share it on all the social networks it asks you to share too.

    These social channels will grow and become assets as well.

    Make sure the channel has related keywords too and profile is set up, background image and avatar with related social media channels linked in cover header and some links in a nice full keyword rich description with easy way to subscribe.

    Create general channel trailer. . .

    Also add the 12-15 tags it allows for the video, though kinda hidden can find easy from top ranking videos.

    If don't have plugin for this just look through source code.

    It can help to create playlist too.

    Also, though not sure if its still helpful, but grab the "embed code" and you can embed into html of content of article and get some indexed video embeds. SER can be used partially if have some good quality targets.

    These embeds should be in related articles with link to video as well for best results.

    People subcribing and commenting and watching full video will be needed ;)

    Same as core vitals for website basically user interaction signals.

    Just couple of beginner tips.... This is not close to a full tutorial

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