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GSA SER on Windows 11 is very slow


I changed the system to Windows 11 and have a problem with the slow-running GSA SER. After starting and after about one hour of work in the program, the number of threads drops to several and sending stops completely.

I have Windows Defender turned off and have a lot of free system resources (processor processing power and RAM).

What could be the reason it is so slow?


  • I think for me as well SER seemed to be more "windows 10 friendly" for some reason, but it's also been updated twice since yesterday and I see behavior of FP studio acting up. 

    For example, when I hit add and select number, it will add the number variable to the GUI not a list currently for me. Last night it was not doing that.

    Have you started fresh projects?

    Are you searching or just posting?

    Maybe working with some old projects will require you to refresh projects and clear up some things using the tools perhaps?

    Do you have a good list of verifieds?

    Try double checking settings, then run a fresh sample project from your verfieds with searching off and posting to an imported list and see if it rips through them.

    If not maybe something is up. I can't try on some OS, if test project I ran last night still runs same.

    If there's issue I'll post back here.
  • Guess its working just fine. 

    Reran a project to test and this was result after a minute or 2.

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