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%article_summary% macro not working on posting?

I add articles and keep the %first_paragraph-article% macro set for the summary section. In test the %article_summary% macro is displaying the first paragraph correctly, but when posting the data that get sent seems to be:
Similar data is sent when using %first_paragraph-article% instead of %article_summary%


  • SvenSven
    this is strange. can you show a screenshot or share the project backup?
  • @Sven Also, in FP studio I was using fine last night. 

    But I just updated, was tying to use and take image for my documentation and when it asks how many URLs to add I tell it (10) or (100) and then the number gets added to the GUI not (10) or (100) sample URLs to analyze.

    Not sure if just odd temporary bug, or if maybe want to check it.

    I know it was behaving properly just last night.

  • Maybe, this helps?

  • @Sven have sent you a project backup

    In the meantime a workaround is to use a variable like this
    remove html=1
    min length=32
    max length=200
    auto modify=0
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  • SvenSven
    @backlinkaddict you need to click on ADD->From Site lists -> amount of 100
    @cherub will check things when im in office tomorrow
  • @sven that is exactly what I did and was working the night before, but that next morning it was adding that number 100 which I selected in how many prompt to GUI not 100 URLs.

    So what I explained and what you explained is what I did. 

    But the results is image shown.

    That (100) in GUI got there from ADD--> sitelists ----> verifieds----- when prompted I change the default 10 to 100.

    I did not add the 100 to GUI manually if that's what it seemed like.

    I see sometimes temporary bugs like this. Add with software so powerful with so many settings and changes I expect some time to time and consider normal behavior.

    For example, I spent 3 days trying to script and figured out some solution for phpbiolinks but it vanished from my GUI. I checked the script and it was there enabled and set to default on proper engine but just not showing.

    I contacted another user for script in case maybe I made error but it still didnt help.

    Now it's back after last update :) I have no answer why still, but it's example.

  • SvenSven
    hmm can you maybe make a small video of this?
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  • Of coarse, I was actually thinking the same thing.

    I spoke with another user and it's working for them, but not mine which is odd.     -----> should work and expire in few days

  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the video. All should be right and the URLs should appear. It seems that there are no verified URLs in your site lists? Can you check?
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  • SvenSven
    @cherub I have found the issue and fixed it in next update.
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  • There are verified Pliggs in my site lists, I was running same Pligg campaigns and using FP Studio previous night.

    I shared my list with another user and they were happy to see SER running so fast after importing my list.

    In every list too, that's why in video I tested/tried every setting and changed some stuff to show odd behavior.

    If answer was that simple I would not have bothered to mentioned it.

    I do notice something strange going on with sitelists, though.

    I will check the new FP Studio update and see if it's behaving normal now.

    This is recent working Pligg verifieds in my list. . . filtered and " hand selected"

  • OK, checked and found that FP Studio has gotten a facelift/been optimized.

    Look's nice!

    Thanks @Sven these simple tweaks are very helpful indeed from a U/I U/E standpoint.

    Also, noticed the new helpful error rather then nothing happening or a variable added to pane.

    This was error prompt in trying to add 10 from identified list.

    I'll do some testing further.

    But think option to ADD ---> "add from text file" would be helpful here in addition to "URL" "Clipboard" and "Sitelist"

    Rather then having to go find text file and copy to then come back and ---->add from clipboard?

    -Thanks Again! ;)
  • @cherub sorry didn't mean to jack the thread, in hindsight I should have created new discussion, though some nodes I use are not showing button correctly.

    Either way, sry :#
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  • SvenSven
    @backlinkaddict "From File" was added for next update
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  • I can confirm the first_paragraph / random_paragraph macro issue (and subsequently the default article_summary one) is fixed.
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