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Semi-automatic mode

Hey all,

is there a way to use this tool in a semi-automatic mode?
Like I give a list of sites where I would like to register and post.
The tool creates the registrations, clicks on verification emails.
Then I see a page, prefilled with data in a browser-like window. (Or whenever it is stucked somewhere.)
Just like when an unsolved captcha shows up.
And after that I can get over the page quirks, different traps/questions to get those links.

I bet it is needless to say these aren't recognised site-types but I would still handle them manually.
I could create a template for the tool to understand different fields though to help the prefill.

This way I could get links that are harder to get (so less spammy), use it on social network registrations, or sites that are asking for phone approvals etc.


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    Gsa ser doesn't come with a browser window and in general browser based tools are sucks and not reliable, you can easily do this by creating a bot or even zenno but gsa ser has its place . You can buy a quality link list or let it scrape yourself I only use gsa for my projects and I am here to  check reviews and buy gsa stuffs like emails, proxies, lists for my gsa.  You can use it for registration and email and as a verifier as well, but in socket mood. 
  • Maybe not for asking for phone approvals. . .

    But If increasing your success rate is goal, maybe have a look at "custom mode."

    It should ask you if you want to alter the data before moving forward.

    It should work like you mentioned with asking for input with captcha.

    It looks like this in script if enabled.

    Similar to this mode in Scrapebox.

    I guess, if not for "recognized site types", then you mean your own static site type script which you should be able to add the outlined variable set as above in that script. custom mode=1

    Then, in project if checked in enable custom mode you will possible get the behavior from program you are looking for?

  • If you would like to use a browser window and script on your own in GSA this might be an option.

    You can run in another debug mode from command line and see a broswer window.

    This might still be an option for you. . .
  • MitrillMitrill Budapest
    Wow, thanks for the fast and helpful replies. I take a look at these.
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