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Looking for An API-Based Service That Works with Live Human Solvers

Greetings, GSA pplz. :grin:
Anyone know of any CAPTCHA solving services that still employ people?
Thank you.


  • SvenSven
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  • Another vote on human solvers ----> 2captcha!

    Be aware on important projects maybe "tier 1 indexable do follows", you can turn up (in back end of GUI) to get a better/faster success rate at 3.99 per 1000 I think, but 3 workers try to solve and you get better answer faster in theory.

    They are also providing very good documentation for users and programmers which have been tested and written about in some security type tech blogs.

    Although, I used to use deathbycaptcha as well and I visited my account lately, it appears that the website has been updated and services updated. I have yet to test. 

    There are so many services, and I'm sure a ton more are going to pop up especially with all the AI advancements lately.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    @Sven and @backlinkaddict: Thank you both for the info.  I really appreciate it. :)
    2Captcha?? I checked out my account as a solver just now! I haven't done this in a bit. It's cool work for ppl in places where a dollar goes very far. Many spots like that on earth...
    I love CAPTCHAS. I get to see some cool stuff as a worker. Get ideas for improving captchas. Seeing what works, in terms of (somewhat) easy readability for the user but difficulty for (present-day level) machine-based solvers offered on the free market of the SEO world. 
    Also, I like them in terms of aesthetics and typography.  :|
    It's fun seeing which CAPTCHAs all  the amazing programs and API-based services that rely on machine learning as of today miss. (I am guessing what I see as a solver are the puzzles that most SEO ppl pass after using other services that are generally good at solving most puzzles encountered "in the wild.")
    Though I also saw some familiar types we all know and love! lol :heart:

    Here's an interesting one I encountered, one of a series of this type I solved, with embedded grafix that user must tap within image  in the order assigned at bottom or top.

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