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★★★ Free CAPTCHA Bypass ★★★

Introducing the newly launched and integrated to GSA SER and other applications online. This service solves CAPTCHAs accurately and fast. The service is known as

FREE $1.00 USD on account signup or registeration. Supports Image to Text and reCAPTCHA v2, v3 and enterprise including invisible reCAPTCHA. Also supports hCAPTCHA and FunCAPTCHA.


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    New website template now live! See now with its new look and feel!
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    FCB Free CAPTCHA Bypass now supports solving GeeTest v3/v4 priced at $1.2 per 1,000 solves and speed is less than 5 seconds.
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    edited May 16
    Prices update from

    Image to Text   /   $0.2 per 1,000   /   < 2s
    reCAPTCHA V2   /   $0.9 per 1,000   /   < 60s
    reCAPTCHA V2 Enterprise   /   $1.0 per 1,000   /   < 20s
    reCAPTCHA V3   /   $0.9 per 1,000   /   < 8s
    hCAPTCHA   /   $0.9 per 1,000   /   < 60s
    FunCAPTCHAs   /   $2.5 per 1,000   /   < 5s
    GeeTests v3/v4   /   $1.2 per 1,000   /   < 5s
    Amazon (AWS WAF)   /   $3.0 per 1,000   /   < 6s
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    Simple BuMp...
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    The Mega #1 Package Plan

    We have now the MEGA #1 special package. This package is highly different from those that are offered currently in our site. This package is a big budget saver. You can enjoy 50 threads for just $199.95 USD a month and it comes with UNLIMITED daily solves too...

    What you get?

    • 50 CAPTCHA Worker Threads - Solve 50 CAPTCHAs simultaneously and asynchronously via high speed and stable API.
    • UNLIMITED Daily and Monthly Solves - No daily or monthly solving limit, solve as many CAPTCHAs as you can!

    How much does it cost?

    Since this is a saver package, it does not cost that much and many other discounts already applied to this package. The price? 199.95 USD only per month.

    Payment methods?

    Subscribe to this package with payment methods same as other packages. You can subscribe with PayPal and credit or debit cards. You can also subscribe using crypto currencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, and many others...

    How to subscribe?

    To subscribe just go to
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