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When Should We Use Disposable/Fake E-mails?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I remembered SER could do this, and years ago I did this, but I forgot. I thought it was removed.
I only stumbled upon the instructions on how to again today.
Is there a list of engines that we can use these with? Is there a point?
I can see a use case for this: Wanting to post to an engine that ONLY asks for an e-mail and no e-mail validation, and we want to post waaaay more accounts than we have catchalls. So, rather than have everything be like jane.white35356@celery.veggie and paul-kevins52@celery.veggie or even jack_finn25@sticks.of.celery.veggie we get nice unique e-mails. Just a guess..
Thank you.


  • You may scare some with questions like that

    Maybe use real clients email and contact details to help automate posting in related directories to help them get more reach or help with promo videos when using some real info.

    What kinds off stuff you up to ;)
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