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Submit to indexers with each recheck


I have a few pages that hit the first page and I don't want to make any more backlinks.

I just maintain GSA SER, rechecking the links daily to see what is still alive and creating few links daily.

Sven, you could add an option to GSA SER for links that have been rechecked to be sent back to indexers.

Example: If the links are rechecked in 1 day, every 1 day it will be sent to the indexers, and so on.

Would it be possible to add this function?
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  • AllanAllan

    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
  • SvenSven
    To be honest, ones sent to indexers, it should be enough and most services will see that as duplicate anyway. I don't really recommend using it that way.
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