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All settings reset?


I just seen there was updates for GSA SER so I went ahead and done it.

I just went into settings and they are all back to default, like every part of it as if it's brand new again.

Shame I didn't backup settings either since returning and getting it where I wanted it.

Is there any way to get them back, is it temporary or now will i have to redo them and this time back them up?


  • I wonder if you can find and restore from previous version and get your settings back?

    Have you ever made a backup?

    Also, I would assume since more setting and features have been added/change this could potentially cause some issues with older backup?

    Just guess though. . .

  • SvenSven
    Maybe you installed into a wrong folder? Try searching for config.ini on drive c:\
  • I done all my settings again and this time backed them up. There's never been issues with install locations with previous updates. I'll keep an eye on it.
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