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Must Users Stop Projects For Changes To Take Effect Or For (P) To Be Reset?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited January 29 in Bugs
If we make changes to a project while its running, such that a paused project would then un-pause because of the edits made, why then does it seem I always have to de-activate the project and re-start it for the (P) to end? Am I just not waiting long enough?
Also, are changes made to running projects immediately taken into account once user saves the project?
I understand that if so, some changes (e-mails, URLs) would then affect SER immediately, while others, when and if necessary, on certain situations where SER has to check these parameters (like re-verify option,s etc.) Is that about right? Thanks!!!!!!!!

P.S. SER isn't necessarily dealing with a changed  e-mail or URL (has to be actually posting) any sooner than re-verification settings.  If anything, tier field options are more immediate in effect. Sorry to readers of this. lol
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