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False Negative on Re-Verification From URLs Pane

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I don't know why this is happening. I even lowered the threads and now running on re-boot of SER, with no projects or threads running, besides the re-verify threads.

I know some of these are live that SER is flagging as dead. I check, clicking on the link.

Could it be my proxies?
Could it be I need to raise time-out value? Some of these seem slow to load.
And...are T1s that load slowly ANY issue for SEO? Apparently, they are just mostly slow servers and not up/down teeter-tottering servers, as I usually connect when trying in a browser.
Thanks to the GSA community and Sven for all the help over all these years, I am hopefully finally getting somewhere. :relieved:


  • Ive seen this before too.

    Most likely proxies and if your seeeing "slow to load" issues then increasing a timeout could potentially help this.

    I wonder if you increase the timeout/s like you said, then use a small sample of the list that is "failing reverify" of which you know or there.

    Then untick, use proxies for verification. Which is here . . .

    If the timeout and or time between requests is increased and your still failing that "sample list" behind a "resisdential" proxy then I would assume it's SER verification issue, if you see now it's verifying than I would feel confident that its a proxy issue.

    Maybe I'm missing something but what "good tier 1" links do you mean that are on servers that are down and/or " teeter-tottering"?
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Ive seen this before too.

    Maybe I'm missing something but what "good tier 1" links do you mean that are on servers that are down and/or " teeter-tottering"?
    Thanks for detailing that and reminding me. I totally forget that I could turn off proxies for Verification. :|
    I actually had that off for a few years, only put back on again recently. But yeah, good test sequence. that will def help. :smile:
    As for what I meant...hmm...I wasn't very T1S are okay for SEO, I am guessing. But sites that "teeter-totter" on and off, up and down, do they just get an error message when crawled by SEs and then suffer loss in that SE's SERPs? That seems like a worse scenario than just a slow load, tho I don't know how "patient" SE bots are! lol
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    With proxies / without proxies testing:

    With proxies on, I am consistently getting false-negatives.
    With proxies off, this is not the case.
    I increased the time-out value, but  this change didn't affect Re-Verification results positively using proxies.
    What should I try next? More reliable proxies? On multiple passes, usually additional Re-Verifiaction passes. Does that positively indicate proxy issues?
    Should I disable proxies for Re-Verification? I'd rather use them...
  • SvenSven
    What type of proxies do you use currently? public or private ones?
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    This is happening to me when I show verified, and verify in that list. I check manually and see my link there meaning it's giving false negatives. My timeout is 180sec, using 30 private proxies from buyproxies shows more failed, but with proxies disabled it still shows some failed which are in fact successful.

    Since I just realised this, it's likely I've been deleting false negatives from my tier 1 lol. When I see red I remove failed verifications.

    Did anything work for you @Deeeeeeee?
  • If your doing that you've def been deleting false negatives!

    I brought this up awhile back but was told verification works well from others.

    I think maybe building say 20,000 links your not going to notice the errors. (or care)

    But checking and working on tier one you will notice this stuff if your going for quality and actually checking things.

    I think this is why option to not remove them in reverification was added?

  • Yeah possibly, but the issue is, ones that are in fact dead will be getting links, wasting resources and has broken the tier structure at the start.

    I reverify my t1 every 30mins to ensure further tiers/projects aren't linking to a dead link. Hmm, it's a tricky situation!
  • Maybe build out tier one and wait a given time or even wait till they are indexed before starting the tier 2 campaign. 

    Then they will all be live and for X amount of time so long as you use link manager and verify them first. 

    Remove only ones that may provide no value then work on building further tiers?

    Then no need to keep reverifying every 30 minutes as this may likely increase errors as well as use a lot of your resources.

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