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download failed (SOCK: Connection reset by peer)

I get this message alot, what's wrong?

"download failed (SOCK: Connection reset by peer)"

I'm using semi dedicated proxies and 50 new emails.

Also why my LpM is very low, what'r wrong?

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  • You have 500 threads running on 6 proxies? Or are these single accesssing a rotating list/pool or something similar?

    When using shared you generally never know what other users if they are being shared are doing. 

    If you have 3 users all trying to scrape gogle and solve RC at 500 threads with low amount, some issues can be caused quickly.

    However, it looks like the remote server is terminating your connection.

    Theres also a 500 error in there which is also server related.

    Theres different proxies for working for different purposes too as well as differnt protocols.

    Have you tried retesting them in the proxy tester or in another way like if you have scrapebox in there to cross check?

    If it were me, I would turn threads way down and see what happens.

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    You have 500 threads running on 6 proxies? Or are these single accesssing a rotating list/pool or something similar?
    If it were me, I would turn threads way down and see what happens.
    @backlinkaddict : I can see how 500 threads working with 6 static proxies wouldn't be fun, and 6 gateways is a lot more reasonable.  (I guess? Almost 100 threads a proxy seems outside the usual allowance!)
    Does SER restrict one proxy to a single thread? I am thinking no, as gateways permit way higher numbers of connections, simultaneously, and they work fine with GSA-SER.
    So...what do you think is a reasonable number of threads per proxy? (Let's say public proxies from sites with lists GSA-PS finds, proxies that are probably being hit by many others at the same time.)

    OFC, I want SER to run well and not waste resources, but I also want to go as fast as I can, and increasing threads does that. But I don't want to be self-defeating in this, either!  :neutral:
  • @Deeeeeeee I would say that 100 threads on "static proxy" not only "seems outside the usual allowance" but would be impossible with some/most tasks for best/any results.

    Reasonable number of threads per proxy, I think sometimes even 1 to 1 with delay not set great will cause issues depending on what tasks that you assigned them for and/or why type you are using. Plus, shared or private you cant be sure your settings are going to work depending on what other users are doing with them for shared.

    I guess it depends on the proxy service and how "you" set it up in the backend. For example, rotate for every request vs rotate every X amount of time would provide different behavior/results.

    Also, some provide API's that were programmed into the software and some not. Also, not by me so I am not best person to ask about this.

    I did try a service advertised on a banner here and I can't get them added to SER no matter what I try, I have tried every possible option in SER and from backened off proxy service. I am assuming maybe it needs API support? But I'd have to take another look to be sure. Don't want to write them off just yet ya know. 

    Also, why do you "need" to be running so fast? I guess whether your trying to build links to improve strength/rankings, using as some sort off indexing method, building tiers to strengthen some links, just testing around being curious, selling a service or simply making a case study for educational purposes would require different needs. But for me, I use as a helpful indicator of how well my projects/templates/engines are optimized currently.

    Maybe this visual might help you? You can just click on the default "LPM" to open this up. . .

    That's all I can provide, I would have to dig deeper into some specifics to give a better answer, sorry.

    That being said, if you are using certain engines with default footprints, not great proxies, not great emails then it's very possible you are wasting a good amount of resources. 

    Have a look at the debug mode in advanced. It gives more insights as to what is going on and its color coded quite nicely.

    There is also more tools in there via button as well as quick link to official script manual if you have specific things your wondering about maybe this can be a good resource?
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