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Number of Keywords Per Project?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I am not sure. I have probably asked on here before:
What number of KWs do you all use, generally? If we keep them niche-relevant, is it simply then the  more the better?!
(To be clear: I mean in SER, Project Data pane where there is the KW field, and we enter them separated by a comma.  ,   I mean in cases where you are NOT using KWs as anchors!!)
Is there an issue with using too few? Too many?

Many, many, many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mask:


  • As many as you what/can, if you have certain engines and set only use keywords it will stop cause project ran out.

    Then you will have to add some new.

    I dont think adding them by hand and comma seperating them is a fast/good approach.

    You can scrape from any source or even ask ChatGpt for a list off niche specific keywords. Just tell it you want lower case, no quotes and try to stay on niche but general using no more then 2-3 words.

    This is a method I use but it will give you about 200 at a time (usually) or without using some kind of hack to get around it.

    You can copy from there and import them from clipboard all at once and even click for a "total number" which I like so you know they were added if for some reason that it happens  they didnt copy which happens for me with ChatGPT sometimes.

    I'm not sure that would matter because keywords are used to scrape data with footprints whether or not you choose to use as anchor also. I dont think it would stop using them to scrape but I could be wrong (things change and settings matter)

    There are other settings that might affect behaviour too 
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