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Request for Ability to Check [x] one, some, all, or none of imported e-mails

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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OK; now I know about the right-click Modify Projects>>Import e-Mails>>From A File
I need to re-re-re-review all the SER features. I know there are more I still haven't found or totally forgot about!

This one I never knew about. :blush:  Wasted time, but thankfully found this option before wasting too much time!

Sven, I notice on importing a set of two e-mails (via file), only the second e-mail imported gets checked. I am not sure why this is, but maybe it's useful for some GSA users set like this by default?
I did not test the behavior for multiple e-mails imported via file beyond a set of two, but even with two, it would be good to have a choice of which to select.

Presently, SER doesn't ask about which imported e-mails should be checked, I guess.

This might be useful:

Which imported e-mails should be checked? ( [X])
[ ] All  [ ] None [ ] Some or Single e-mail (user specifies single e-mail, range, or list with commas, referring to e-mail import slot number)


  • SvenSven
    that the first one is not checked is fixed in next update
    however, most customers will probably want it to be checked so offering another option here is not required i think.
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  • Deeeeeeee

    Why would you want that or how what you find it helpful in addition to what options are already there?

    If they are imported, wont you just check on import if testing correctly?

    It also tells you emails that are not checked will be used only for verifications.

    There are options to select via right clicking on the pane which I think may answer your question/help?

    I agree about the options as there's so many its easy to forget some or even find newer more advanced ways of doing things all the time.

    As a side note, on options forgotten/not known about and your many recent questions about footprints, scrapebox and moving between programs did you know there is a very nice feature for scraping Urls/sitelists built right into SER?

    I think its even easier to use and more intuative than scrapebox. Since its creating the URLs/site lists in SER its also adding easilly in correct format. Probably, want to run this on SER as stand alone "project" though. Not slowing you SER linkbuilding progress down.

    Even extra engine filter and way to create a further filtered list by OBL.

    This is what it looks like. . . You can find in the sitelist tools--> search online for Urls

    This is in addition the the amazing Footprint Studio. There are also more advanved options in there too.

    And its easy to extract/build footprints by engine or even add "all" from certain type. Can open Footprint Studio from here too and optimize for better results. I found that saving the unknown to a file (in a certain place) with your own foortprints can help find certain types of sites from that list that are great but cant currently be indentified or posted using SER without custom scripting to so thats cool.

    This can be helpful to find newer "link in bio" type sites as well as "website builders" like strikingly from this list that you may want to manually build, possibly buy scripts from someone or outsource the manual creation. Here is example below . . .

    Either way maybe this can help speed up your process of building/optimizing/exporting footprints even if you prefer to use scrapebox. I use both but I think this is still amazing feature and maybe lesser known/talked about.

    Hopefully this provides some helpful insights for your process?
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 26
    "that the first one is not checked is fixed in next update'
    @Sven: OK, thank you. 

    "Why would you want that or how what you find it helpful in addition to what options are already there?"
    @BacklinkAddict:  I was assuming there was a reason why users might want the first e-mail in the list unchecked, as it is now on import. I guess that's not really the case... hmm...why else? I guess it's not really a useful feature to include, as there's not really any use cases i can think of. 
    Unlike testing emails, where you may only want SER to test SOME e-mails, using the rest for verification only, I can't think of a single reason to implement this for checkbox, thinking about it again. :|
    You are right....this might be a lot of work for nothing.
    "As a side note, on options forgotten/not known about and your many recent questions about footprints, scrapebox and moving between programs did you know there is a very nice feature for scraping Urls/sitelists built right into SER?"
    Nooooooooooooo....I didn't know about this~! Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :astonished:
    Thank you so much. I have a lot to do trying to tie all this together.  So far, going well.
    I'm also in the process of re-doing projects while learning, as well as resolving any issues with my set-up. I think at this point, issues are resolved and it's just full speed ahead with the new learning, then integrating it all into what I'm doing.  Def having fun with this! :tongue:

  • Deeeeeeee no problem and good luck! There's many useful unique and awesome tools/features tucked away inside SER. Some can behave odd at times but usually its only some minor bug @Sven will fix/update quickly if thats the case. . . Sometimes things out of his control example other services failing/user settings and not SER.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I was thinking about it while walking today.  I guess adding this would be mostly useless.
    But there could be an application for all this, though probably not so useful, really, tbh.
    OK; let's say you want to import some e-mails. Let's make it easy and say six.
    So, imagining that users had that option and could choose which catchall e-mail accounts were unchecked and checked upon import,  let's say you [X] check three and leave three unchecked on  import.
    Let's say after some time you want to quick-swap out active e-mails on multiple projects, there could be a corresponding right-click context menu option that lets the user toggle checked [x] and unchecked [x] for selected projects.
    Outside of something like that, I don't know...probably doesn't making sense, really, to bother with such options when a user can just import new e-mail accounts with ease, already. I guess it saves the user having to import a second set, at most. And, ALL checked e-mail accounts would need to have to be swapped at once,  while it would be rare that that would actually ever be the really so useful, then!l. lol :pensive:  I know this isn't what I need to focus on, just wanted to share that, all the same.
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    Well if you really really had a need for something like that maybe working with thousands of emails on a project. I guess you could alter them right in the email manager and/or export them into whatever your use case is with this prompt . . .

    There you have extra options to sort/export too.

    While in here you still have access to the tools button where you can import/export data and if you didnt know this is one place templates can be imported or exported to be saved for future use.

    Then I guess from the main GUI you could select a project right click ---> modify ---> import ---> email accounts then you can select from a File, Clipboard or Project. Import whichever emails into which projects you wish according to your needs.

    Im not exactly sure what your use case is but these are just some currrent ways/examples to do these things.

    Theres plenty more ways too . . .

    Also, when working on the main GUI you don't have to select and check project by project for details to see what's going on. You can select just 1, by tiers, masks, select certain projects or even all projects and right click and use the options same way as if there was only one selected.

    With all selected in this example you can --->show URLs Verfied and you will get an overview of all verfied URLS from ALL projects.

    Theres other helpful ways to sort/see project data too.

    These are just a few examples.

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