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How to generate DR 50+

How to generate DR 50+ using GSA SER? Like this result ? Any expert please help. 

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  • Not overnight if thats what your thinking.

    Personally, I would be considering the age of domain and current rating before you go trying to 'blasting' away at it.

    That's creeping up on 400,000 backlinks. Thats almost half a million.

    If it's a new site its better to have consistant links being built over time starting slower.

    I guess the search engine your after matters too and differnt niche could have differnt results/competition.

    The keywords your targetting as well, you will want to have your on page seo optimized for the specific search intent and make sure there's even a change you can rank. 

    Though, I have been seeing weird things more frequently like linkedin, strikingly and reddit pages ranking over bigger brands doing research lately.

    Maybe start by seeing what your competitors have for links and whats actually indexed in the search engine your targetting.

    Most likely they will have some links you won't be able to "automate" with SER so be aware of that.

    Research first, I really don't know what your trying to do. These are just some basic pointers.

    That being said, if your the one who just said your new to this, SER does have a decent learning curve so maybe practice on a domain you dont care about first and learn the program which will take some time.

    Probably, more than you may think.

  • bchubbchub Dublin
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    Domain Rating, like Domain Authority, is what passes from one site to another (some call it juice) when a link is created. The logic to increase DR or DA faster is to obtain unique links from sites with a higher DA/DR than your site, ideally from sites with a DA/DR higher than your target (let's say higher than 50 in your case).
    Just as backlinkaddict said, you won't really be able to achieve such a high DR with just GSA SER. If it were cheap and easy, everyone would have a DR of 50+, but it's not, and it can't be automated.
    Get the most you can with GSA SER, but to truly boost that DR, consider some DA or DR 50+ genuine guest posts; these will significantly boost the site. For reference, see here.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
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    If you want to achieve DR50+, you need to use T1 link sources from DR50+ domains. This means you'd need to pre-sort your list by DR, ensuring you only use link sources that are DR50+. I can tell you right now that acheiving a site list with just sites with high metrics is going to be tough, if not impossible. You need to be scrapng ahrefs database for sites with DR50+, then testing these sites with gsa ser, to build up a verified list that you can use.

    Likewise the same goes for achieving DA50+ - you need to use T1 link sources that have a minimum of DA50+.

    For achieving TF40+, you need to use T1 link sources that are TF40+. Most social media sites and other high DA properties will help you achieve this, such as Medium, Linkedin, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, google sites etc etc Those are off the top of my head, but you'll need to check the stats yourself for each site.

    It's rare to find link sources that have all 3 metrics DA50+, DR50+ and TF40+. Although it's easily manufactured. I'm using this exact same strategy on my PBN network. Then my PBN's are pointed at my money sites, which in turn passes those metrics across. 

    Also fiverr is pretty good for this sort of stuff. But you'd need to do test orders and view the results yourself. I've boosted sites to TF40+ with gigs from there, but after 6 months, many have lost that TF - lost links I suspect. But The DA and DR gigs tend to stick.

    The other thing I'd say is that these 3rd party metrics do not correspond to google, as the metrics are based on the links within each companies database - these will of course be completely different across all of them.

    More importantly, none of them will match what Google will see, unless you achieve 100% google indexing rate on these T1 links.
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  • sickseo good stuff!!!! 

    It's great to see old trusted users getting involved again.

    I know for some this is nothing new, but for people coming into this from coronavirus times and newer, I guess its not obvious to them and its good for more engaging threads.

    Ive had some conversations privately and seems people are led to believe spammy methods that were questionable in 2012 are working it 2024 at that's what "seo" is???

    I hear you some of these metrics you need to update in backend just to get their cached version for last time they updated their DB.

    That's why I like to be able to see them all together to try and make best decision I can. As oppossed to just guessing from 1. I always said these are just helpful hints. 

    Like you say flying blind if your taking them literally.

    Also these metrics, though evolving, some are not taking into consideration the traffic and user engagement signals which Google def takes note of!

    I've noticed the sites you mentioned like Facebook, Medium, Pinterest, Strikingly, Blogger, Insta, Reddit, google sites, godaddy sites, etc ranking above main website more and more in serps.

    As well as some other!

    While this update rolls out this March the serps will get interesting, I have noticed some of my sites are improving nicely.

    I think updates will only affect people repurposing expired domains and trying to change the niche which I though was a basic tip from many many years ago. Keep niche related when repurposing domains was common knowledge.

    Also, the AI stuff seems like only people trying to create many many articles with AI trying to get a few to rank maybe will get hit. Like people who are over abusing like thousands and thousands of generated posts adding no quality to site.

    Not sure why you would want to add many thin pages to your domain anyways as it would bring overall authority down if thousands off pages were built, not internally linked correctly and now you have that many more pages to built backlinks to to keep metrics overall good.

    For me, Ill take 100 page website with good content and traffic over 2500 page website with bunch AI gen content anyways.

    So for most people I doubt these updates will affect.

    Ill take a No-follow news/social type site that's sending me referral traffic all day long over a lower quality Do-follow these days. . .

    Ive also heard some people are not using any of these "social media" sites and wondering why they have not success in 2024?

    I thought it was necessity even 12 years ago, back in times a twitter blast would jump you up nicely in ranking from 5 dollar gig, lol.

    Seems like the "basic SEO advice" has gone backwards in recent years???

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