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How Do We Add Articles From One Project to Another without Copying?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I have some articles saved that can actually work well in more than one project.  Instead of copying from one folder to another, just for the sake of saving space, is there a macro to pull one random article (and its associated title) from the folder for another GSA-SER project?
I mean to say, is there a way within an article I enter manually to do this? Hmm..In that case, if this does exist, I guess it's likely that that would use the title of the article (stored for that project with just the macro, or the macro and whatever) pulling the second article (actual content, or itself more macros)  via macro.

Thanks! Hope everyone out there is doing well.


  • SvenSven
    If this is all about saving space, then you need to have articles in folder with title as file name and content in the file. Then put them all in a folder and use the macro %file-c:\folder\% for article and %spinfilename-c:\folder\% for the title.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hmm...Sven, it's just bc I have a few projects that use the same articles and IG it seems like a waste of space...but also, I don't have to update every project if I add an article that is OK for more than one.

    %spinfilename-c:\folder\% for the title

    Where does SER get the title from?
  • SvenSven
    %spinfilename-c:\folder\% << it will scan for the files in that folder and use the filename as title, not the content.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Hmm...Is there any way to connect the VERY last request for a %file-c:\folder\% from that particular project to have SER not randomly select a file(name) to use for article title, but rather use that last pulled content 's filename for that project to have the title corresponding?
    (For these particular projects, I want to keep the titles with the articles. For many/most  others, I don't care, really. These are higher-tiered (lower-numbered) projects and I want it to read well and have the title match well.)
    Would the only way to accomplish this be to import each set of articles into each project via the Article Manager, as we usually do? Can we alternatively just copy files from project to project, then?
    I may just add the articles to every project individually, then, just because I can then see, at a glance, how many articles I have for each project and scroll down and even read titles and get a full sense opf what's there.

    I think I can easily get myself confused grabbing content from folders.  At the same time, doing this the other way means every new article that is appropriate for multiple projects needs to be added via Article Manager or potentially copied via files in folders one at a time!  More work, more (potential/usu translating to ACTUAL! :| ) confusion LATER...but the added benefit, if I do everything properly and exactly, of being able to open up a Project Data pane and knowing a LOT more.
    Which seems better? Not really sure on this one............
    These are very small articles, really just gPT requests.  Copying may be better. Space isn't an issue in this case, so it seems the answer is just copy and be thorough. Any thoughts? I know I'm spun!


    I could create a batch file that copies an article  folder over another folder, or multiple ones, for other projects. 
    Then I just have to add one article and run the batch or just have the batch file auto-run daily preferably (in case for when I forget).  If SER recognizes the new articles in the Article Manager without some sort of registration of articles for that project being necessary and all it takes is the files being in the article folder, then that works. Not sure how SER does that part. I will check and report back. 

    Going to eat now. Hope you all are off to a great weekend!
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