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option to "ping" urls via "link manger?

I was wondering if im forgetting something with this. . .

In the link manager working with verified links you can reverify, index check etc but i dont see a way to "ping links"

For links here where it says "link pinged = no" is there a way to ping or reping links from GUI here and if not how would you do it rather then depend on the main ping links settings.

Would you have to run a new project with the links in a custom list and run project.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this currently or no? I feel like Im forgetting something.



  • SvenSven
    right click on the links and choose "Index/Ping Selected URLs"
  • Thanks, I knew I was forgetting something, I knew how to do that from the main project pane but I could have sworn there was a button there to ping links so I didnt think to right click but its there with all the other options as usual.

    Some many options/features easy to forget and or find new better ways to do things.

    Thanks again!

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