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Mass Action: Replace E-mails

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
Hi...I was wondering if there is any way to quickly remove one email with PW and replace with a different e-mail with different PW for all occurrences, in all projects. I also need to change the POP3 server, so I am wondering if this is, in fact, possible.
I assume the PW is saved encrypted in some way. Is this doable??
Thank you, Sven, and the GSA community, for helping me along.


  • SvenSven
    You can import new emails to all selected projects via right click ->modify project->import->email accounts
    When doing so, you can also delete all present emails.
    Im afraid there is no easy way to just exchange server/password for just one email account.
    The only quick solution would be to use an advanced editor like Notepad++ or PSPad and do a search/replace on the prj files using regular expressions. The password can be saved unencrypted when using ##password.
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