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GSA website not responding

bdrltd00bdrltd00 Canada
edited January 6 in GSA Website Contact
Occasionally GSA websitse contact changes status in windows task manager and goes into "not responding" like it's frozen or something.
sometimes this will last for a few minutes
is there anything I can do to help avoid this freezing?
- 100 private proxies from MPP group
- Solid SEO Ryzen CPU 12 core, 16 GB ram

Let me know if you need any other info

thanks in advance



  • SvenSven
    how many threads do you use?
  • 1000 threads
  • SvenSven
    use less than that
  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    You'll probably hit memory limits before you can get those 1000 threads working. Start at a few hundred threads and incrementally increase until you hit the instability issues you describe. You've then found your thread limit.
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