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Unknown anchor/NA link

Hi guys,

What causes lots of unknown anchor texts and links being set to N/A?

I use SEO content machine to create my content and this automatically inserts the href in the articles, so I am not sure what the problem here could be?

I could not find a solution in previous discussions:

Many thanks :)



  • SvenSven
    is the URL that is linked part of the project settings?
  • Hey @Sven, thank you for your response :) yes, the URL has indeed been inserted at the top of GSA's first tab and I have cleared URL cache since I am using a tier 3 template.

    You can see that in the screenshot I hid one line because the URL was posted correctly in there.

    However, out of those 40 submission only 3 had the URL and anchor text posted. All the other ones are unknown/NA :( 
  • SvenSven
    please send me the project backup in private message to check it.
  • edited January 4
    Looks like I had "Post first article without links" ticked...  Sorry about that! Solved now
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