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Request 2 things

edited January 2 in GSA Image Spider
I wanted to update the startpage config so that it would turn safe filter off, I edited this file  "%AppData%\Roaming\GSA Image Spider\Scraper\Startpage.ini" however it seems to have no effect on the results.

If I use this link in a browser it seems to give different results (no content filter)

The original code is:


The edited code is:


I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or not doing at all... please advise.


Unrelated to the first issue,
Not sure if .webp exports are working correctly or not, I was able to use it before but now it looks like its exporting normally however when finished there are no files in the export dir. Exporting as jpeg seems to work as intended.


Thank you Sven and Happy new year to you.


    edited January 2
    Tested confirmed and first problem is solved. Link works with config.

    I did come across another thing regarding the second problem.

    It seems all webp pics that are scraped also show up  in viewer as this:

  • SvenSven
    I tried to replicate this but failed. All WEBP images showed up correctly in viewer and preview and export was also no problem. Maybe you can give exact steps to reproduce or give the URLs you scraped to debug?
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