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Email Verification test passes but does not authentic URLs.

I am using my web host, VPS, as my catch-all email on a junk domain.

Email checking I do not use proxies
Proxies are only used for Verification and Submission. 

I have attempted to do Validate emails only. Stop the Project and then do Validate only.

What happens is I can see the emails are open, but links are not used to set passwords or to activate accounts. The GSA SER can delete old emails. I currently have it set only to delete emails older than 2 days. A single dedicated catch-all email is being used for this project.

When I go and click on links in the emails. I can see they were not activated. I am not sure if it is a GSA issue, list issue or setting issue.

I first was using a list from GSAserlists
Swapped to a list from SER Verified

Both had the same results. Leads me into believing it is a setting issue with either GSA or my server. 

I was using POP3 port now swamping to my IMAP port to see if this improves things.


  • IMAP seems not to have made a difference. 
  • SvenSven
    SER does not always click the links when logging into email accounts and parsing them. Sometimes it is saving that link and uses it when first logging in. This only happens when SER is about to login and create links, not when just verifying emails.
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  • Between both and I am only getting 200 unique domains.

    I am checking links from the 1 to 2 days ago. I have it set to delete emails for 3 days ago.
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  • @Sven

    Would it help if I DMed you the list I'm using and provide you with a unique subdomain email?
  • SvenSven
    I don't think this will help. What should I do with that one?
  • Sven said:
    I don't think this will help. What should I do with that one?
    Well I'm not sure if the issue is GSA failing to activate accounts or my email server. Gsa is opening and deleting old emails just not activating links. I've attempted both IMAP and POP3 formats. 

    This would likely help reduce the variables of what is wrong. 
  • SvenSven
    better send a project backup which i would be able to debug.
  • Sven said:
    better send a project backup which i would be able to debug.
    Sent you the backup. 
  • Still having issues.
  • I saw the patch notes on the bhw forums about fixing some email issues. Would that have covered this issue? I haven't used GSA SER since I couldn't resolve the verification issue of emails here back in January. 
  • SvenSven
    yes, please try the update.
  • What was the issue? 
    I had issues with emails in some advanced scripts I was trying on my own with email not grabbing the link for verifying. I thought I was losing my mind at one point

    This fixed what part of verify exactly if dont mind sharing?
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