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How important is vps IP for "submit contact form message"?

I have a question about GSA website contact and recently my vps provider received abuse reports from spamcop.

If the vps IP address is recorded and complained about, will this IP address also be used by "contact form spam filter" and "email spam filter" to block messages submitted by GSA website contact?

Previously, loopline told us that the principle of contact form is to send an email to the webmaster through the website's own IP.
We are faced with 2 filters, how important is vps IP for "submit contact form message"?

The thread of the GSA website contact is 301, so buying proxy services is not considered, so should I change my vps IP address once a day?



  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    You NEED to use either proxies or a VPN service when running GSA Website Contact. Even a small set of 25 private proxies would be fine.

    If you don't use proxies or a VPN, it will be the IP address of your VPS that is exposed to the website form's owner, and so it'll be the VPS company that will get the abuse reports, which will usually result in them closing your account.
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