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Verification Question

Hi @Sven

When I initially created the project, I disabled the automatic verification and selected the option "never /disabled".

However, even with this disabled, I noticed that the number of verified URLs on the panel continued to increase during the run. Eventually, the project was completed with a total of 4106 verified URLs. So, after that, I initiated the email verification process. The program went through all the emails and provided me with the following logs. However, the number of verified links remained the same and did not increase at all.

I had expected the number of verified URLs to increase when the program found the verification URLs within emails and added them to the verified list.

Do you think there might be a bug in the program?


  • SvenSven
    What you see here is the email verification happening. No link is generated for now. For that the project must run in normal "ACTIVE" mode again.
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