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Proxy Option: Skip Testing For Selected Proxies

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited December 2023 in Feature Requests
Hello. Feeling good to be back. I have become antisocial, it seems. lol
Another idea, wondering if this makes sense:

The lock feature is great. 
Sometimes, though, I am mixing private and public proxies on one or the other (Private/Public) list, as I use some of each for scraping and other stuff. It works. Like a rotating proxy for scraping alongside public proxies that test OK for the SE I am using, while having a list of Private Proxies and potentially really fresh, good found proxies for posting, etc. Sorry if repetitive.

I want to be able to have SER test the "Public" list or "Private" list or both, but I don't necessarily want to test the (actual) private proxies which are already LOCKED on either list, but still sometimes de-active on failed test, which does sometimes happen, even if a proxy is still working.
So in addition to LOCK could there be something like SKIP TESTING that proxies can be set to, affecting operation of proxies if testing of proxies is set in the proxy console?


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