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Updated to 5.53 but again Update Available notification

edited April 2013 in Bugs
Update from 5.52 to 5.53 was normal. After update to 5.53, I've got "Update Available" but when I click it popup window appears with strange error something like: 
Unabe to download updated. Check your API key.
Added: Rediff, Fotki, Dailystrenght .........and so on
When I click on OK button it says that "Your version (5.53) is up to date.
Is it a bug?


  • SvenSven
    No, it means the program is also checking for updates on SEREngines but wa sunable to download the update.
  • JamesJames
    @zuzuzuzu Do you have a valid SEREngines key?
  • No, I don't have SEREngines key yet. I sent inquiry regarding alternative payment method. PayPal asks new credit card linking what I can't do at the moment. I have 15$ in paypal but without credit card linking it doesn't allows to pay. Don't know why.
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