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a: If i previously imported list into project and now accidently added another one. Will the pending site list now double or will they replace eachother. If i close/open/update the soft will the sitelist be still assigned to the project ?

b: If i delete cache or target history will i end out up duplicate links on sites or will the program check if link is present and NOT post again but instead add to verified link list with the message 'link already present' - as i see it sometimes happening. Is deleting cache or targets the way to have prog 'forget' a previously imported site list?

c: If i was using a list but did not activate all platforms.. now i rerun that that list with some other platforms activated. Will we get 'already parsed' on this list or will the program now post to these? Again can delete cache/target be useful or end up with double links?

THanks for help


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    a) No double submission, site lists will be there

    b) If a link is there it will just pick it up saying "link already there" and add it to the verified URLs (if not already there).

    c) site lists are saved per engine. So it will not mix anything. No double posting as well. 

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