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Drigg not working properly

edited April 2013 in Bugs
Hi Sven,

found yet another problem on yet another platform :) Drigg is not working for me, almost at all. I checked the .ini and i think this line is wrong in [LOGIN_STEP1]:

modify url=%pw_reset_link%

This goes to some one-time login URL that is not working - "Log in" button is not pressed. In addition, when i want to re-use created accounts, this link redirects to site/user/password URL which is wrong as well. So I would not use this %pw_reset_link% link at all, i would change this line to

find url=*/user/login

as this is probably always the right URL with login form. Username and password are created and extracted correctly and do work when i try it manually on */user/login.

Login works after i change it like this, but submission was not working for few sites like    login=moniquedu / password=Dymi8y3RLs / pw_reset_link=

because submit form is not on */add/drigg but on */submit...pls add this possibility as well :)



  • SvenSven
    will check it tomorrow
  • Hi Sven,

    i am not sure - i think you have changed drigg.ini in 5.52 version, but this problem is there...
  • SvenSven
    I made the same changes to drigg as to drupal which used to work now
  • Well its still not working - not for the first time, not when using existing account data.

    I tried this site: - first time i got this:

    21:21:58: [-] 1/1 login not possible/awaiting verification (sorry, unrecognized username or password.) -

    Dont understand why system goes to It should go to pw_reset_link that is working even without email verification.

    Then i do verify my email, got complete account data with login+password (working when i try to login manually). I exported this account data, imported to another project, but got this:

    21:17:16: [+] 1/1 unknown login status -

    system should go to, but tries to login at this link i just got password renewal mail...
  • SvenSven

    The submission process for the "first time" is correct. It tries to log in even though no email arrived yet as a lot drupal sites allow this. But as this one is not doing that, it waits till an email arrives for later confirmation + login. I have just tested it and after email arrived the submission goes on and finishes successful.

    The second submission however is indeed wrong. I fixed that now for next release (had to extent script language).

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