Do some platforms take longer to post to then others?

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I'm sitting here, watching SER create backlinks. It was previously doing social bookmarking, and flew through the submissions. It's now doing blog commenting, and going painfully slow. While blog commenting, it say 100 threads are being used (what i've set it to), but cpu utilisation within task manager is at about 5%, when for social bookmarking it was at about 0%, and network utilisation is hovering around 0.03%, when for social bookmarking it was hovering around 4%. As it scrolls through the submissions in the bottom window, it seems to stop on each change for about 10 seconds, when previously it would whiz through them all so fast you wouldn't even be able to read the line, only seeing the number increment. I've also noticed the same thing when creating directory backlinks, these go painfull slow too. Is this normal, or have i got something wrong with my setup?


  • SvenSven
    Well in regards of submission nothing has changed. But if you have the project running a while you can expect it to not find as many social bookmark sites as there are not as many (only pligg sites are more enough available). I would need some more details on what you think is "painfully slow".
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