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Tier Setup for German Sites

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Hello together and thanks for all the Help here.
But i have some Questions if there are some German Marketers here or some English Speakers with German Sites!:
1. For Tiered Link Building, did you use all Tiers with German Content or can it be used in English? (or all after Tier 1 in English?)
2. Did you know an Tool for automatic German Content Generation ?
Sorry for my Bad English and Thanks for the Answers!


  • same question here!
    i am using at the moment english content with german anchor and german keywords in the articles across...
  • i've tested it and german content works the best


    nur deutschen Content benutzen - bei allen Artikeln, etc.! Habe es ausgieig getestet und die Resultate sprechen für sich..
  • Thanks bekkolt.
    Womit machst du deine Texte? Gibts schon sowas wie Kontent Machine in Deutsch?
  • bin auch auf der Suche nach so einem Article Spinner; hab schon am deutschen Markt sonst einige durchgemacht.... ;-)
  • Hey! fair carrying on conversations the rest of us can't understand!
  • sorry, i will translate it:
    i am on the search for an GERMAN Article spinner and scraper, have tried a few an the german market, but not found any similar like WAC, KM, TBS (autospinn) or WordAi, ArticlePRO, and so on...
    unfortunately, the germans are 10 years behind the usa whats belonging Internetmarking, EXCEPT GSAs SER ! ;-) hihi
  • I was just kidding really, but now that you say that, I am looking for a Spanish article spinner too (even though I am not Spanish). I am having a hard time finding one as well.
  • @klaus007 there are three german tools (i know)

    I prefer Article Spinning Wizard 2 its made by Kay Molkenthin (guy from berlin)

    Or you take Spinnerchief 2 the have a german cloud thesaurus

    For german content scraping i recommend using german "Artikelverzeichnisse" there are a lot of lists with the most popular Artikelverzeichnisse
  • molchomolcho Germany
    Hello Spinnerchief 2 had a german thesaurus, but you must invest many hours to give him enough words, that he spin good content, the database is to small at the moment i buy two german thesaurus but always the same.

    I must give him the words for a good solution. And scrape your Articles by "Artikelverzeichnisse" i do the same ;)
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    haha..article spinner? WASTED MONEY. Let me tell you something: From the beginning i believed that Google is NOT able to check if your text is good or bad (grammar etc.) - they just can check the uniqueness. To test that i ran dozens of GSA-campaigns. 

    So let me tell you. It makes NO DIFFERENCE whether you post 5k Backlinks in well-spun articles or you do it like me:

    1. search some word lists which are devided into different categories (nouns, verbs, etc.)
    2. Build a few sentences with these words
    3. Use it for your articles and blog posts in GSA.

    So my strategy is the following:

    {3.000 different words} {3.000 different words} {3.000 different words} {3.000 different words} {3.000 different words} {3.000 different words} 

    etc etc.

    And? My sites are ranking like crazy, i'm currently making more than 5k EUR profit a month, and this is the beginning, these were just 5 sites. in one week i've got 20 of them.

    Google does know NOTHING about good content. My tests show that. You don't believe it? Try it yourself. If you read my articles you must think i'm kidding, not one setence does make any sense at all.
  • ronron

    @Bekkolt is right. I have written about this many times on this forum. Google is a machine, and as such, can only use algorithms to judge parameters such as uniqueness to rate text on a page.

    Although bekkolt does it even more extreme than me, the point is the same.

    The only time you have to be realistic is when you start hitting human moderated properties. Then you have to play smart. Otherwise, anything goes.  

  • hmm for what does google then have tons of patents like this one ,) maybe comes sooner then wanted
  • The good news for you german guys (and any others who can speak multiple languages) is that even though you may think you are 10 years behind, it is perfect timing for you guys to make tons of cash as your market isn't saturated. You are in at base level and that is prime money making level. Make sure you take advantage, I am super jealous!

    Wish I had listened more in my German, French and Spanish lessons at school now!
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    I got lazy too atm......

    for T1 (SN/ADirs/Wiki) (to moneysite) just using some english wikipedia article + .....  + german anchor, could not come up for more cray stuff, sorry :-)

    doinng testrun on 2 sites. thats just 20 sumits a day, wont kill the site..

    all other sites: for the rest I spinned them myself. tedious work to get to 90% ;-(

    germany: 10 years behind in IM: +1

    @ brummick, to make a ton of cash, you need a ton of sites... "german" is not even 1/20 of global search volume as english........ or try to compete with big "versicherungsvergleich" (insurance) - thats only 74k excact local a month, some SEO guys would not get up in the morning for that, I am sure...and that #1 has aroudn 750 k backlinks ....
    and see bekkolt (not to discret you!!!) need 5 sites to get to 5k/month... And I am sure he knows his niche and what he is doing.. and that should be approx 500k visits a month for 5 sites, approx..

    but small to medium niches? go4it.

    still, for moneysite you need the best converting article to make $$$ or optins .....
  • @bekkolt, Google can clearly determine whether an article is rubbish or readable. Approx. 2 years ago they introduced the reading level filter in the search where you were able to display only results with a certain reading level.

    They turned that feature off before they released the first panda. Go figure why.

    Having said that, I believe this accounts only for the English SERPs. The reading level filter was also only available on the English Google.

    This might be the reason your tactic works. Although I'd say your sample size is not big enough and you'll have to hold your ranks for a couple of months.

    Let's hope Google doesn't catch up too fast ;-)
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    This can not be the reason, because i see hundreds of english sites in very competitve niches that use similar tactics (non-readable text) and they also have good, stable rankings.

    so what you are saying about that? people should not always BELIEVE what google says.

    why should they tell you the truth? it is clear that when they say that they can't recognize good text that everyone is using spun rubbish heavily.

    @thisisalex: for my 5k EUR i've got 7k visitors a month ;) only doing so there are still hundreds of "niches" where you don't need much traffic to earn cash. btw, i'm currently doing amazon sites and the revenue starts getting bigger and bigger ;)

    btw, started some experiments and the argument that everything in the us is much harder is definitely NOT RIGHT. i've ranked sites for terms with 100.000 searches a months within a week, so...

    this is because the backlinks you get from gsa work much better for english sites, just because they come from english sites too.

    @ alex: when you think that some guys would not get up for 50,000 EUR in month i think you are wrong. Do you realize what you get for 1 sale in this niche?
  • ronron

    Almost every tier 1 I have is spun, and I rank really well for ultra competitive terms. Not really arguing the point - just reporting that spinning works. To each their own.

  • @komakino Sorry but your wrong. I focus on English language sites, and my sites rank with nothing but utter gibberish on their pages/posts. Their totally unreadable, yet rank in very competitive niches.
  • I never denied that spinning doesn't work for ranking.

    I'm only questioning the longevity of the rankings gained through these tactics. Unless you're already ranking for 1+ years with exactly those techniques your statement doesn't have much weight IMHO.

    Beside the risk to be punished by algo changes there might be other reasons for a whiter approach.
    To give you an example: I run ecommerce stores in Germany and if I would use spun content and spam for my T1 I'd get outed and reported to big G by my competitors. That's how these losers role.
  • @ron and @doubleup, how long are your rankings with spun T1 already holding?

    Please be honest.
  • ronron
    edited April 2013

    Since last summer - about 10 months.

    Would have done this years ago if I only understood the Penguin was coming. By the way, tomorrow is the anniversary of Penguin.

  • @komakino

    You wrote, "Google can clearly determine whether an article is rubbish or readable." Well, obviously they can't, as surely if they could, they'd be able to filter it out and penalise the domain before it begins to rank and stays ranked within the top 3 positions!? Seriously, check out some other niches, i see nothing but utter junk ranking well for many of them.

    Also, I'd have to rank a page for 1+ years for it to mean something?

    I've ranked highly spun, utter garbage content for months at a time within a variety of different niches, as have many other people. Personally, I've never done it for 1+ years, as my sites eventually get penalised for different reasons, but this has nothing to do with their on page content.

    If your in it for the long haul, as you seem to be with ecommerce stores, then it obviously makes sense to go for quality on page content. I'm not into that.
  • ronron

    The only reason to have a human readable T1 is if you are submitting to platforms that are human moderated, like some of those high PR web 2.0.


  • Seriously, ive always been wondering why T1 should have better quality than T2. For example KM for T1 and just scraped/spun to death content for T2. In fact, both will never ever survive human moderation. I'll try pure spam (tiered) on a new project and report back.
    Best regards
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Because T1 links to your moneysite, so a human can easily gauge the site where the spam is originating and a human can very quickly blacklist that entire domain.

    If your site gets into the Akimset filters, it's going to damage it.
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    I am really interested in this discussion. Are there any news regarding pure wordlists/gibberish in T1?
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