Proxies Needed for VPS?

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Hey all,

I just plunked down some dough for 3 brand new, super fast VPS's. I have one set up already with SENukeXcr and GSA SER (plus the goodies, indexer, CB, etc.)

I've read quite a bit that people either use private proxies (I have 10 from IPFreelyProxies) or HMA VPN but, the question is:
  1. Is it really necessary?
  2. Which is better, Proxies or VPN?
  3. Which is a faster connection, Proxies or VPN?
Depending on your answer:
  1. which is the best provider (price vs. quality)

Thanks in advance!


  • SvenSven

    1. no

    2. proxy as a VPS doesnt give you control on what IP to use which is sometimes important as the IP must be the same on submissions (ip saved as cookie and if ip changes, it is a problem).

    3. proxy as it is usually not encrypted (ssl)

    4. I would go for none cheap solution here as you could end up in problems for using SEO software. Use the one from

  • @sven Wow! That was fast! Thanks!

    One question:

    Your #4 - You say "none" then suggest (One of my VPS's is with them) Did you mean to get a VPS there or proxies there?
  • SvenSven
    I mean VPS
  • I apologize for all the questions but,

    Would you also say that a VPS with NO proxies and NO VPN is best for all if not most SEO Software?
  • SvenSven
    No, thats not what Im saying...proxies are always better but I would not say they are required to make use of this program. 
  • oh! gotcha! O.k. thanks....
  • You need a "buffer" between your VPS and the platforms, in case there is a complaint.  You don't want your VPS to shut you down.  So a professional-grade proxy is the way to go.  I think with VPN, it would be too hard to switch, and they are not designed for the type of link building - for example HMA would also shut you down.
  • @sobiman any suggestions on a provider? I've been using a 10 block from but, they seem to 'burn out' pretty quick and I can only change them once a month.

    I don't want to get killed every month with fees (3 VPS's, multiple Proxie accounts, etc...) I'll do what ever I have to do but, I'd like to do it as economically as possible.

    I typically have 25-30 campaigns running in GSA, & NHSEO (the two that I have used proxies in, using proxies in SENukeXcr drastically reduces the amount of verified links) and I run them both at 50 threads each.

  • hackersmovie I let more experienced members of this community comment.  There is a proxy thread somewhere, and the most recommended one is

    If you have enough bandwidth, you an also run from home, but then I would use VPN (and proxies in front of VPN) to mask the activity from ISP.  That would eliminate multiple VPS's.  I think one way to drastically reduce bw is not use the indexer and use something like lindexed.  

    I have experienced the same problem with senukex.  I had to run it without proxies.  I don't know what it is about proxies that causes a problem, since they were private proxies, but maybe had bad history...  I have heard senukex might work better with VPN - not HMA but a vpn say from Sweden.

  • @sobiman I was running from home and just got a phone call from my ISP, that's why I ponied up for 3 VPS's. Now I'm just trying to sort out HOW MANY proxies I'll need.

    If I'm running 50 threads in both GSA & NHSEO can I use just 50 proxies? Or would I need 100?
  • hackersmovie you were running without VPN I guess.  You could still run from there with VPN and all the communication is encrypted. The only issue would then be bandwidth.  3 VPN, sounds like too much.  Why can't you get a dedicated Windows server? 

    Threre are recommendations about threads vs. number of proxies elsewhere on the forum.  If you find them, I will provide the link. 
  • I don't mind the cost of the VPS's and I prefer not having it at home anymore. My SEO business is growing like crazy so the funds are there I just want to keep at much as profits ;)

    I haven't been able to find any threads saying how many proxies per thread.

    Would I need different proxies for each VPS? Even though they run different campaigns?
  • Can always trust google to find the results:

    Found using this command: 
    site: proxies threads  
    in google
  • @sobiman Thanks! I actually went straight to the source! ;) allow 100 connections PER PACK of proxies, not each individual proxie. When I told them what I was running and on how many VPS's (I'm scaling back to just 2 VPS's.) they said their pack of 50 private proxies was enough...
  • hackersmovie 100 per pack, I missed that. Good to know.  Great luck with your effort.
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