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Post only to imported URLs?

edited April 2013 in Need Help
Unfortunately, since all my sites are in Spanish and there are only a few Spanish-based article directories out there, I would like to post only in those article directories for my Tier 1 link. I am trying to find the way to post only on imported URLs. I have tried the way it is said on the FAQ and GSA is trying to post also on another sites. Any advice?

Thank you in advance.


  • SvenSven
    Thats impossible. If you disable all search engines + analyze competitors + site lists, it is only using the imported URLs.
  • Maybe I am doing something wrong because that is exactly what it does.
  • SvenSven
    And you still get URLs of unimported URLs? Thats hardly possible sorry.
  • Ok, I have checked it out and my mistake was to duplicate another previously duplicated project. Maybe it had some URLs on queue. Now, it is working and the problem is that it do not recognize many platforms it should... I will retry. Thanks Sven!
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