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GSA Forum and My Paranoia...

davbeldavbel UK
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Is it just me, or does anyone else think we post far too much on this forum that is publicly viewable (I mean readable by the very search engines we're trying to spam), plus we're even telling ppl to use Google to search the forum for answers to their questions as the built in search isn't that good...

Obviously this is down to @sven as it's his forum, but my ideas would be as follows:
  1. Have a better search for the forums(!)
  2. Pre sales threads that are open to all
  3. Verified users threads that are only open know who :D
  4. Top secret mofo threads that are only open via a small monthly subscription - you know, the ones that literally give ppl the answers from the dark side. I'm only talking something like $1 or $2 a month which could be used by @sven to pay for <insert something we all want here>...

Again, like I say in the title, it could just be my paranoia and yes, I'm aware that by the nature of what SER does, it would be very difficult or even impossible for the SEs to penalise SER users, but I just don't like Google knowing everything...

...Wait a minute..what if @sven is actually Matt Cutts and SER is his master plane to catch us all out... :D



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    @davbel...Yep! I would say paranoia has set in. And for the comparison of @Sven to Matt, I would expect your SER license to be canceled any minute!
  • ronron

    It's only paranoia if they are really coming to get you.


  • I thought that was FEAR!
  • that a knock at the door...
  • SvenSven

    I let this forum open. If you think the other "side" is watching, you are right...they should and probably do. But I don't see why it is a a problem. They know us and if they want they get in here when buying a license if I decide to close it for the public. It's not like this is an illegal program or a underground scene.

    Just my 2 Ma...ahhmm Sven

  • @Sven - You're talking like a real PIMP! I think you're a fishin' genius...
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited April 2013
    Just don't post your URL or any other personal information here... 

    I don't know how many users there are of SER... But do you really think Google is that bothered about what 90% of users here do, just automating a few processes to get link juice? Maybe they are bothered a little but I doubt it :) Do backlink checks on a lot of sites and you will find they do SEO stuff just like this.
  • I'll just say one thing...

    Google = Skynet

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