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Blog Comments that require registration to post.

Well am trying to code/modify drupal blog post engine to make it work for blog commenting on drupal Websites and than extend it to other platforms as well that require registration to post.

Ideally the script would work like this:

1) Create the account on the website
2) parse the list
3) if account already created ->post comments else Step 1

Does GSA scripting engine provides the facility to know whether the account has been created on the website or not. Like in xrumer there is a option of "posting on behalf" for drupal comments. It creates the account first and as soon as any webpage of the URL comes across it posts on them.
Any advice/lead will be appreciated on how to code this.


  • SvenSven
    The program takes care of this. It knows where an account exists and skips registering. If login failed (register skiped) it tries to register again.
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