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Hi, I got myself in a jam and im not quite sure how to fix it. I recently purschased a vpn and setup on remote desktop connection. The problem Im running into< now I dont know how to run website contact through the vpn.  I cannot control gsa website contact through the remote desktop connection.... Any help or suggestion, I would apprecitate,!! I am new so please try and answer in laymen terms.. Thanks in advance
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  • SvenSven
    With a VPN turned on, it is routing every connection over that network by default. So there is nothing special you have to do.
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  • ok thank you, cause I was trying to get on the remote desktop and open website contact and run the program but since I dont have too that save me the trouble.. Thank you Sven 
  • There is a possibility that your VPN has a split tunneling feature enabled, it might be routing GSA Website Contact traffic through your regular internet connection instead of the VPN tunnel. Check your VPN settings and ensure GSA Website Contact is routed through the VPN. Or the VPN might be using different DNS servers that aren't properly resolving the domain name for GSA Website Contact. Try switching to a different DNS server within the VPN settings. I faced the same issue while Connecting the PureVPN on the website. But I fixed that by making little changes to the VPN setting.  
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  • BalletristBalletrist Los Angeles
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    Don't stress, we've all been there with technology hiccups! Setting up a VPN and navigating remote desktop connections can indeed be daunting.
    To run website contacts through the VPN, consider using a cheap proxy as a workaround. Cheap proxy, like the ones offered by LightningProxies, are user-friendly and can help you control GSA website contacts seamlessly. By using a proxy, you can route your website traffic through the VPN, ensuring your privacy and security while maintaining control over your connections.
    Give it a try, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.
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