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Back after 9 years - Has much changed?

It's been a long time since back in the day when I used GSA SER to get ALL of my websites #1. I started moving away from seo when some updates hit which pushed me over the edge and I moved more towards PPC to be more sustainable which I still run now. Currently looking for side projects, and wondered if this still works to maybe spend a bit of time on SEO too?

Is the process still similar now with GSA SER?

I remember having a VPS, paying monthly for proxies, using captcha breaker and some other recaptcha service with different methods like creating my own free blogs niche related and then sending backlinks there etc.

Any replies appreciated, curious how things are now :)
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  • Welcome back!

    I just returned to forum a few months back myself.

    Was also doing PPC  in search and CPM in social.

    SER is still a beast today and @Sven still busy with many updates as always.

    He also released an on page seo and keyword research tool I think will soon catch on quickly and is great addition to GSA toolset.

    If your coming back from that time period you probably remember when the choice of keyword tools was pretty much market samurai and or long tail pro  (not working now).

    He has built something much better and is one time payment. Def worth looking into!

    Can also be customized like most his tools if your familiar with them.

    The documentation is an upgraded work in progress and looking great so far.

    Macro Guide -

    Scripting  Manual -

    Many added and helpful tips/guides from customers sticky on top. (very interesting)

    Upon coming back I noticed the older web 2.0 add-on seemed to just have a bunch of complaints so I assume is no longer updated/working?

    On Oct 11, I think it was I saw that serLib add-on added ability to use custom javascript commands to create your own engines in a debug window so you can create and see your scripts running.

    You can find documentation below if interested in scripting and added some extra blogs and profiles to SER.

    I have currently been busy testing with that. I think project has huge potential for SER enhancements.

    But as you may know these projects come and go and are constant battle to keep updated.

    I'm very into javascript so maybe im bit biased but I have wanted similar features for 10 years. (found old post of me asking for them)

    Basically, I have been using my own Zenno Poster scripts and scripts built with SerLib then boosting with SER.

    There is project supposedly able to grab Zenno poster links and work with SER but I havent tried just yet.

    It appears there are many new users here currently and some of the OG's are gone. (some still here and actively contributing)

    I noticed a lot more people asking for help then writing guides as oppossed to last time you were here. (you may notice the same)

    The best new feature for SER I believe is ability to fill artilces data fields using OPEN AI API which provides much better articles and much better "stick" rate/quality in my testing.

    Basically, quality over quantity seem to be buzz words around here which has always been my approach. 

    Like pushing spammier links even further down the tiers.
    I've never used SER to post unreadable spun gibberish all over the net but thats just me.

    I think some methods working with less quality links are like review sites of launch jacking type etc?

    So their always different techniques and new case studies to be done.

    Of coarse still need good emails, proxies etc

    That's pretty much my experience and what Ive been up to since my return.

  • Welcome back!

    I'm confident the forum is eager to learn from an experienced GSA SER veteran.

    Some readings about best practices today that helped me are:
    Me just using SER since 2019, I can not evaluate many of the changes in the SER and overall SEO world since 2013. Some things I have realized though are:
    • Indexing became difficult. GSA Indexer alone won't do it anymore. The sitemap-method does neither.
    • (Open)AI content is very helpful and has been integrated into SER.
    • Repeat: Use AI content. Even conservative platforms like OpenAI generate great content for niches like XXX, pharma, etc. if you are using the right (conservative) prompts. Embed trust links to scientific, government and NGO sites.
    • Create images with AI and use these. Unique image, tailored to your content. OpenAI can describe images, so Google will be doing the very same.
    • Create audio with AI and embed into your content. Same thing here, OpenAI can extract text from audio, so Google will be doing the very same.
    • Build blog comments with your money keywords. Don't use the generic blog comments that come with SER, ask AI to generate specific ones related to your content. No matter if these are nofollow, it helps your site to specify its niche and let Google know.
    • Commercial link lists are a waste of money for T1/2 links. Scrape your own lists. Consider buying a SER blast on higher tiers from vendors to save your own time, money and ressources.
    • In-depth keyword research is a must for content on your money site as well as for T1 links. Semrush is great for bulk operations, GSA Keyword Research is great for content optimization on your money site.
    • Consider buying T1 links in FB groups for 50 Cents - 1 Dollar on general sites with traffic and nice metrics. Build SER links on these.
    • Create FB Content + Reels. This helps indexing and generates traffic, in particular reels do work just so well for direct traffic + rankings.
    • If you are into coding, use the Python libraries available for several platforms. Do search engine queries, create AI content, post to platforms not included in SER out-of-the-box.
    • Invest time into footprints and use SER footprint studio to implement these. In particular, if you are not targeting English sites.
    Other than that, you need a VPS (I use Hetzner), Captcha (GSA Captcha Breaker, Xevil (with IPv6 proxies), backed up by, IPv4 proxies from for SER and Scrapebox), good catchalls (your own or from another SER veteran on this forum).
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  • Thanks for both of your detailed replies, it seems like I have my work cut out to get back in this game!

    It literally feels like I am starting from scratch again, so these replies are information overload and will be re-read multiple times I guess!

    Much appreciated, all the best for Christmas and New Year!
  • @Anth20  no problem, dont get intimidated just features improved and more coding talk in general now we can use OpenAi to help with and make camapigns better content wise. Hope your Christmas holiday went well and have a Happy New Year!
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